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A blog from a Swiss-Born, New York-Raised, Military-Educated young professional just hustling through the corporate world.
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Shooting the 120mm mortar from an APC

Shooting the 120mm mortar from an APC

during the mortar course. 

after a year of training, we receiving our warrior pins. My commander gave me his pin. 

after nine months, and an 82km march, I couldn’t contain my excitement…. receiving my red beret!

Patrolling a certain border. Note the Mars on my M-4

always represent my city- NYC! on an 81mm

the light machine gunners. after crawling half a kilometer… was fun.

some men are strong, but these men are TITANS

one of the top five moments of my life. surrounded by brothers. 

a paratrooper overlooking the Western Wall, where his predecessors fought like LIONS!

those who eat alone, die alone. 

there are some moments when the exhaustion is extreme, but with brothers around you, nothing matters.