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More of the same knife

New custom knife with my paratrooper wings (hard to see, I know)


A US Navy F-4 Phantom II bombs North Vietnamese positions in 1968.

(US Navy)



Apparently, this Lotus motorcycle is headed to production!

Bikes. Girl. Girl and bike. Awesome. 


Staff Sgt. Adva Ezra just completed three years of service as a combat soldier in the Caracal Battalion. This was her advice to the next generation of fighters:

"Aim as high as you can. Maximum - you’ll reach the stars."




Stories of Jewish WWII Red Army vets just coming to light

Once a year, Israel’s Jewish war veterans don suit jackets and uniforms dripping in Red Army medals, the shiny bronzes and silvers pinned to their chests in tight rows like armor.

About 500,000 Jews served in the Soviet Red Army during World War II. Most of those still alive today - about 7,000 - are said to live in Israel.

Can someone tell me the regulations on the wearing of medals and ribbons for these guys? Kinda just looks like they throw ‘em on.

Well considering that they fought in WWII and they’re old as balls I don’t think anyone would want to try to correct them seeing as how they’re veterans and all. They may not even have regs for veterans’ wear of medals…

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Every warrior needs his rest…

IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz


Soviet Veteran

World War II veteran from Belarus Knostantin Pronin, 86, sits on a bench as he waits in hopes of finding other men from his unit at Gorky park during Victory Day in Moscow, Russia, May 9, 2011.

This picture made me sad. To think that there will be a few less friends from your unit until that one year you’re the last one, just waiting.

*I saw an edited photo that really hit hard onto my comment that I had to add it with the source. Now this photo makes me even more sad. Considering the original pic was taken almost 2 years ago, maybe he’s finally with his unit again.


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baby fawn sleeping with its dead mother 

this made me really sad

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